Three different user profiles to perform the workflow in OJS 3

Isn’t it correct that a journal must have three different user profiles assigned to make a total editorial workflow? One user profile should be the author, another the reviewer and finally one user profile should be the editor.
If only one user profile hold all the three roles the workflow can’t be completed. I’ve tried it without success. After sending in the manuscript as author I couldn’t get out of that role. So I couldn’t act as an editor.
I just want to be sure concerning the above before I start up my instructions.
Niels Erik

In version 3.1 if you as an editor submitted a manuscript you would end up in the author workflow when clicking the title by default as you noticed. However, this is fixed for the next release: Authored submission cannot be easily accessed via Editor role · Issue #3130 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub. If the editor is both the editor and the author, there is a link leading to both workflows. This also fixes the problem of editor being the reviewer, but of course editors should not act as reviewers.

In general if editors send in articles, for example editorials etc. I have instructed the editors to use quicksubmit plugin.

Thank you very much. And of course you’re right, the editor should not act as a reviewer. I was only thinking about the seminar situation. Then, perhaps, it would be easy for me to assign myself to all three roles when I demonstrate the program.