This plugin has not yet been installed

Hi everyone,

Complete newbie here taking over a journal website, so sorry for the basic question. I would like to redesign the site using the health sciences theme. I managed to get the theme in the Plugin Gallery on our site, but when I click on it, a pop up says “This plugin has not yet been installed” and I can’t figure out how to get it over to the Installed Plugins tab to use it. Any advice would be appreciated!


Hi @kbyron,

Do you have the admin role for the OJS? That is the prerequisite for installing plugins.
But from the screenshot above it looks like the plugin has already been installed. Can you verify on the settings->website that you can not select the theme in the drop-down menu for selecting themas?

Regards, Primož

Thank for the reply! The theme is not available in the drop down menu.

If this makes a difference, it also does not appear in Installed Plugins tab, only in the Plugin Gallery tab. I’m guessing what I want to do is move to the Installed Plugins tab somehow.

I’m not sure if I am the admin, When I joined the team, I was told I was given every role on the site, though this may be the problem. How do I see if I am the admin?

Here is the pop up that say it isn’t installed.


Hi @kbyron,

I would say you don’t have admin rights. Do you see the Administration menu item in the dashboard:

Regards, Primož

Thanks again @primozs

It looks like I don’t have that. I appreciate you helping me sort through my basic questions. I’m assuming my first step is to get those rights.