There is no response when the reviewer wants to accept the review task


I have a problem when our reviewer receives an assignment for a review then clicks “accept review, continue to step #2” and there is no response to proceed to step 3. here’s a screenshot of the developer tools on my google chrome. Please help me.
Not responding

thank you

Hello @Dhoni_Mardika,

Can you please indicate which version of OJS you’re using (e.g. 3.2.1) - and please include this information in your future posts?

PKP Team

Hello @rcgillis I’m using OJS 3.3.0-13. Thank you

Error 500 indicate some issue on your server or some OJS code that cannot run with some problem.
It will be helpful if you can check and share your domain error log on your server/cpanel.


Hi @faedpyme,

Can you create a new post outlining the issue you are facing? This is an older post, so it would be better to create a new one and it could be explored there.

PKP team

Good afternoon @rcgillis ,
Please disregard the reply I made. When the reviewers click the accept review button, everything works perfectly. I have been running several tests and none of them have given me any problems again.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience

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