Theming XML reader

There is a navegation bar at the top of the pdf view:

I want to include that “header” in the XML viewer:

How can I include that? where is the theming file??

I found that there is a plugin called: lensGallery.

How does it work?

Inside the lib there is the lens library with an index.html with this function:

$(function() {

    // Create a new Lens app instance
    // --------
    // Injects itself into body
    var app = new window.Lens({
      document_url: qs.url ? decodeURIComponent(qs.url) : documentURL
    app.start(); = app;

Which call the lens.js file.

But is minified… :frowning:

a clue… lens library

it looks like the lens_view.js is the responsable for the render… How can I include a tag inside the body and after that render the #main??

You need to build lens js by instruction that they provide if you want to add own custom code.

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