Theme customization after OJS 3.1 upgrade


I’m testing an upgrade from OJS 3 to OJS 3.1



I followed the instructions under #1 full package and realized that the instructions did not include moving the plugin/themes folder over to the new install. I did so, activated the theme, selected the theme, and refreshed the journal, but I don’t see the updated CSS/templates. Am I missing something?

That also leads to my bigger misunderstanding. When modifying child themes, do I need to clear cache on the OJS system to see the changes, or should they be automatically visible?

Finally, the page header logo appearance seems problematic. When trying to delete it from the admin interface, I get this response “{“status”:false,“content”:”",“elementId”:“0”,“events”:null}" on this call$$$call$$$/tab/settings/website-settings-tab/delete-file?fileSettingName=pageHeaderLogoImage&tab=appearance and nothing happens. The delete file modal does not close until I click Cancel.

Thank you for your help!


Hi @wilsonw,

if you change the css stylesheet, which you can upload as journal manager to each individual journal, pressing the save button on the bottom of the page and reloading the webpage is enough.

If you change a child theme file on the server, you have to delete the template chache in the administration section of your OJS. Clearing the browser cache is not enough.

Best regards,

Hi @heike_riegler,

Thank you for the guidance. That helps tremendously. I got the theme re-enabled.

For deleting the page header logo, that specific file didn’t seem to like to be deleted. However, I uploaded a new file and then deleted the corresponding new upload, and that worked in clearing out the header logo.


Why, in OJS3.1.0.1, does not a field appear to modify the page header on the appearance setting?
We only can change the logo, but we can not use html.