The role of section editor

So are you trying to have a workflow where:

  • you have one journal editor and five sections editors
  • the editor can see all incoming submissions and assign section editors to submissions
  • the section editor assigns the reviewers and makes editorial decisions possibly with assistance from a copyeditor, layout editor and proofreader.

Is this what you are trying to accomplish or something different? What I described is of course possible in OJS3

thank you
this exactly i want to do but can’t do
after make 5 user as section editor and one editor from the editor can select section editor no place or form point to section editor in editor board

Are you trying to:
a) assign a section editor to a journal section (then the section editor would automatically get all submissions in that section)? or
b) assign a single submission for a section editor?

thank you
i work with ojs3 and no section, old version have section but not found in ojs3

in old version all work ok but with this version no section or department

See Settings => Journal => Sections

but if point about article as a section all section editor work with article but the article in different specification need different section editor

If you want to have a specific section editor for all articles in a specific section, then you have to define in the section settings which section editor gets all the submission in that section. Or are you trying to accomplish something different?

no the same section but different section editor can do that

So you want the editor to choose a section editor for each incoming submission?

big thank
yes i need that can do or must make section

Then try to follow these instructions:

ok but the add link in Participants panel.after click add link can see the page except the part of locate a user still loading for long time “can see all page but the part in upper named locate user” can not see and instead see word loading

Then you have errors somewhere and scripts are not loading.

You should check your php error log and or your javascript console for errors. Have you turned errors or notifications on in

display_errors = Off

make it on?
or there is other thing to do

well if something is not loading then there is probably some kind of error somewhere. I would start by checking the error log and javascript console - what happens when you try to add a section editor.

still loading and in the browser no error
the error in the browser or i other place

What browser do you use?

sory to make you wait but important isue and now finsh
chrome browser but i have firefox also

i wait about 20m no error message but all site “server” stop response until close this page
but if not click on add but point and open in new tab the error message


what can do please

That is all typical when some script fails to load. The “status: true” etc. is to my knowledge json which is sent to a script that is handling the tabs, but while there is already an error with a script nothing is loading.

I noticed that you opened a new threat concerning this error, so better to continue there.