The journal does not send notifications

The journal website does not send any notifications for reviewers, authors and new registers.
Anyone can help to explain the solution for this problem. Thanks

Are you using smtp (check you If you are not using smtp, have you tested whether the php mail function is working properly? You could test it with this simple script PHP mail() Function

I have same problem. The journal website does not send any notifications when reviewers submit the respond.

Do you use a custom review form?

No, I have created my form

So you do not use the default form in OJS but one that you created yourself. If that is the case, then see this fix: Move "new reviews are in" notification code outside default review form else clause by ajnyga · Pull Request #3553 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

Hi ajnyga

Thank you for your respond. I checked the link, yet have not found a solution yet.
If you give me a specific link or revision codes I would be glad.
Thank you in advance.


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Ca I just old file with this new one to solve the problem?

Well that is what I did, we use But be sure to test it first.

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I use also the same version.
How we can fix the problem??

Hi again ajnyga,

Thank you. The problem solved.


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