The increase in the SQL database size is attributed to statistics

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As observed, in the latest version, OJS 3.4.0-3, there is unnecessary junk in the SQL database due to statistics. Is it safe to delete it from SQL to ensure that it won’t cause any issues during future upgrades? I would like to express my gratitude to all those who assisted me in safely removing it. If it is removed, please also reassure that it won’t pose any problems during future upgrades.

For example, OJS 3.4.0-3

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@ [asmecher] - I’m eagerly anticipating your response, as I believe you hold the key to providing the most accurate answer to this question, @@ Asmecher

The size of my SQL database has increased to 2 GB after the upgrade, which is also impacting the site’s performance.

Frankly, I don’t think these database and table sizes should create any problem if you give the database server enough memory and let it get tuned carefully by your database administrator.
The most important parameter for databases with InnoDB storage engine is the innodb_buffer_pool_size , which should be larger than all table sizes summed up to keep the tables in memory, but maximum 75% percent of the memory size of your server.

I would strongly advise against deleting data just to save a few MB. “Don’t spill the beans, go big.”

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Thank you, [mpbraendle]! Your words sound great and radiate positivity.

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