The article aren't displaying in the Journal issue.

I’ve uploaded the text of the article, making a submission. But it isn’t visible…So,what should I do to provide open acces to the full text of the article?[]=10

Did you in the Production stage Add galley and defined labels as PDF. This will show label PDF which will enable users to click on it and get / download file?

Thank you so much! It really works)
We have some problems with Ukrainian version of OJS: much information are not displaying adequately. For example, instead of Ukrainian meaning of the AccessOptions we see ##manager.siteAccessOptions.siteAccessOptions##. So, may be it was one of the main reasons why I couldn’t understood how to finish publication. Do I need to create new topic about it or you can consult me right here? It really does cause inconvenience for Ukkrainian-speaking users.


Maybe you should ask Marco Tullney whom you can contact via Translation part of this forum and ask to check whether translation is completed or not and explain him problem/confusion you have.
However, I can help you with workflow process.