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I Have installed the Texture Plugin in OJS3, but I dont know how tu use it?

Can someone help me?

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A similar question
@Vitaliy @asmecher and the team

Hi @luismurillo,

I have updated the documentation in the plugin page. Texture usage

Please have a look and let us know, if you have any questions.

Dear @Dulip_Withanage
I tried a desktop version of Texture on Mac. How can I change the citation option, from Vancouver to APA? How to produce xml file after creating .dar file?

Hi @kawahyu,
In Ojs, the web version of the texture is integrated, therefore I do not have much experience the mac version. But if you edit in the non-web version then you should be able to upload and further edit in the ojs texture plugin.
I would ask your question directly here.

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Dear @Dulip_Withanage
Can the plugin create APA citation format? by default, it is Vancouver

I am not sure, if I understood tje question correctly.
It is a jats xml that the plugin generates. Actually you can export to any citation language.

When editing xml file using Texture plugin, we can insert citation and reference. Both are in Vancouver style (numbering based citation and reference). Does the Texture plugin provide other citation styles, e.g. APA? or Can we edit the citation and reference to other styles?

Maybe @asmecher shed light on it

Hi @kawahyu,

I’m afraid that’s more of a Texture question than an OJS question; I think you’d need to ask someone on that team. I’m not familiar with its codebase.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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For editing articles Texture displays references only in one format.

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Hi! Texture is working well in the “Production Ready Files” section. I can create and edite XML and use images, the problem is when I pass the files and images to the Galleys, I can see the XML but lost images.

Some idea?


At the moment you have to upload the dependent files again in the galley stage.
The original file name of the uploaded files should be the same as you uploaded to the texture editor.


We are planning a mechanism to later move a production ready file with its dependant files into the galley stage, which is not yet available.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Yes thank you, Is working now. I dont know if the problem was the format of the image. I used PNG AND now JPG AND Is working.

Thanks for confirming.
It should also work with png. As I am matching the original file name, may be it did not work earlier with another file cause the texture edited file had a jpg as dependency. I have updated the https://www.github.com/pkp/texture documentation also to reflect the answer.

Texture does not sync metadata with OJS - right? I am looking for a tool which takes the metadata from an JATS XML file and updates the OJS metadata. (The OAI JATS Plugin does it the other way round - taking OJS metadata and upgrading the JATS XML file.) Thanks!


Hi Armin,
sorry, somhow I have missed this question.

no, it currently does not do sync. But it is in the pipeline to be implemented.

This will be the possible sync workflow.

Firs metadata will be synced from ojs to the texture
Then a bi-directional sync will be available.

Journal managers will be able to configure in the plugin settings , how they would like to have the sync in their workflow.

Thanks Dulip - that’s good to know! Best wishes, Armin