Test OJS journal sites showing live (when they shouldn't be)

Hi @bozana and @asmecher

I thought maybe you could help with this problem or put me in contact with someone who can?

We have OJS test/dummy and soon-to-go-live journal sites showing up live on the web already - i.e., before we want them to be live. I have just deleted our test journal sites in an effort to remove their dummy content from the web which has been downloaded numerous times according to our OJS COUNTER stats.

The check box here is unchecked:

However, for this particular journal, for example, (Australasian Journal of Economics Education) all its archived content is findable by a simple google search. We have just added a login requirement but this is not an ideal solution.

I thought if the check box above was unchecked then that journal would not appear on the web.

Could you let me know what we need to do to hide this content that is not meant to be live?

Many thanks and regards,


Hi @ScottAbbott,

Unchecking that checkbox prevents the listing of the journal in the site-wide journal list, but it doesn’t prevent indexing via Google et cetera if something else links into it. In other words, it’s available for anyone to see, but a search engine would need to find a link into it in order to discover it. If you want to prevent indexing, the best way is to use a robots.txt exclusion.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

That’s good to know, thanks Alec! I’ll pass that on to our IT department and see what they can do.

All the best,