Table within a Table

Hi… i am stuck with a table formatting issue. Basically I am trying to get table of data to display grouped by col1 with a title as per below…

col1     col2         col3                    col4 
item1   item1-1    item1-12              checkbox (selects all items in col2)
        item1-2    item1-12

the checkbox works in java script. but i cant get the table to display.
right now i am getting

  col1     col2     col3        col4
 item1   item1-1    item1-12    checkbox
 item1   item1-2    item1-12    checkbox

(hope this makes sense)

snip of my code is below.

{iterate from=Dao2 item=item}
		{assign var="itemIDs" value=$item->getIds($args,$args)}  

  // itemIds are an array of numerical ids

        {foreach from=$itemIDs item=data}
		{assign var="col1" value=$data->getObj1($arg, $arg)}
		{assign var="col2" value=$data->getObj2($arg, $arg)}
		{assign var="col3" value=$data->getObj3($arg, $arg)}

Any help appreciated.

Hi @darko,

What system are you using? Your code will only assign values to variables, if I am reading it correctly.

Also, not sure what’s your table within table problem is.