SUSHI-Lite plugin in 2.4.6

we are running on version 2.4.6 right now and want to implement the PlumX Widget.
Since the SUSHI-Lite plugin is available from version 2.4.8, is there a way we could use the plugin in 2.4.6?
I am planning to upload the plugin from git but are there other files I need to update to make it work?

Help Please

@asmecher @bozana @ctgraham

Are you able to upgrade to OJS 2.4.8? This would be the most reliable method to get this working.

There were numerous changes made in OJS core which were required to support the plugin. You would need to backport each of these to OJS 2.4.6, which would be quite complex.

We are planning to upgrade soon but it is not the institution’s priority rn.

Can you please tell me about the core files which are changed in the process?
That would help a lot :slight_smile:

One of the commits indicates a change set for 2.4.6 of:

but this is very old. When 2.4.8 came out, the plugin was retooled against the latest code, and I stopped keeping track of the differences between 2.4.6 and 2.4.7.

I suspect that the addition to classes/journal/ and the latest code under plugins/reports/counter might have a chance of getting you close to where you need to be, but I would be very surprised if these were the only changes needed.

Do you have a lot of local changes to your 2.4.6 code? You may be expending more effort backporting and debugging this than you would in upgrading.

yes a lot of local changes.

Anyhow I’m convincing them for upgrade now.
Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Hi @ctgraham ,

We’ve upgraded to 2.4.8 and I’ve installed both SUSHI-Lite and Plum analytics plugin.

Can you please help me in configuring the SUSHI-Lite plugin? There is one test form in which they have mentioned some API Key and many other attributes etc.

Can you please explain how is it gonna work? Plus I’ve not configured it and still can see statistics in my plum widget.

Sorry for the delay in replying. I have been on vacation prior to the PKP Sprint in Heidelberg. The “Test” form in the plugin is actually incomplete and nonfunctional. You can ignore it.

Once the plugin is enabled, there is no additional configuration required. The URL for SUSHI-Lite will be available immediately for the draft SUSHI-Lite 1.7 endpoint.