Suplementary Gallery Vs. Primary Gallery

Hi. until today i was uploading galleries in my Gallery section on the production stage.

And the default theme is rendering it. Perfect!

But changing my basetheme with OldGregg I found a conditional that is looking for $primaryGalleys. And my different galleries doesnt appear anymore.

Cheking the template from the default theme I found that it was also calling my $supplementaryGalleys. So I include them in the OldGregg theme, and now is perfectly working…

But I have a question, what is the different between Suplmantary Gallery and Primary Gallery? Why I have uploaded just suplementary galleries?. Where should I go to upload Primary Galleries?.


The problem is that during the update the data of one of your tables (genres) has mixed up.
I suppose you need to change the values there as they were before. Typically, this table should look like thisgenres_table
entry_key should be filled out according to their types. supplementary column value 1 → supplementary galley , 0 → main. In the submission_files table you can look you attached galleys and check their role by genre_id column. It should correspond to that inside genres table.
For example, my last JATS XML according to the submission_files table has genre_id value → 1, that corresponds to the entry_key SUBMISSION inside genres table. And this is how it should be.

Does this make sense to you?

This is how my table look like: :


Thanks it works.
The most important change was the Enable column.