Sumbission and user registration errors


I work in OCS 2.3.6. in English and localized into Ukrainian.

  1. When registering for a conference in English version, a user can’t go further Step. 3 Entering the Submission’s Metadata. The error occurs in “Title” and “Abstarct” fields.
    Here is the description:
  • Please enter the title of your paper. (Ukrainian)
  • Please enter an abstract for your submission. (Ukrainian)
    There is already info in both fields, but the system somehow doesn’t recognize it. I tried entering in both English and Urkainian - neither worked.
  1. In the localized version, a user can register and submit the files, but later a Conference manager can’t confirm the registration. A manager can’t choose the type of registration.
    Here is a description of error:
    [Tue Oct 23 11:07:59.475885 2018] [:error] [pid 24218] [client] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function getMembership() on null in /webdata/www/ocs/classes/registration/form/ on line 148, referer:


Hi @IDrobit

Sorry for the late response. About the second issue, you must create a registration type first.

About the first one. I’ve installed a fresh OCS 2.3.6 instance with 2 locales - English as a primary and French. I’ve registered a user and made a new submission without any problems from the primary locale. But if making a submission from a secondary language and meta-data from a primary locale is missing (e.g., title), the aforementioned error will occur. I suspect this is done deliberately.

Thank you for the reply.

I created a registration type, and now it’s possible to add participants to the conference.

Concerning the issue with the second locale. I still don’t understand how to solve it. While registering from the scondary locale (in my case it is English) I cannot fill in the Title field. I type in the title both in English and in Ukrainian but the system still doesn’t accept it.
Does it mean that I a user will have to fill in the registration form in the primary locale first? How is it possible for non-Ukrainian speaking participants to enter meta-data in the primary locale?

Only primary locale is required. You can change it to the Ukrainian. But are you saying that if data in both locales is entered, OCS still doesn’t accept it and throws an error?

A user tries to register in English, which is secondsry locale. Yes, I mean that if data (namely Title and Abstract) are entered the system throws an error. Have a look at the screenshot.123123

If the user hasn’t entered the data in primary locale during submission, OCS will though this error. This is a default behavior and I don’t know whether it could be changed. Maybe @astevens knows more.

Hi @Vitaliy and @IDrobit,

It looks like this is a recognized issue in OCS. Please see this topic for more information and suggestions on working around it.

Good luck,
Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team