Suggestions for the Hosted Journals display

Hello PKP and thanks for all your fantastic work on OJS 3!

I have a few suggestions for the Hosted Journals list display. As an instance with 50+ journals, this list can get quite unruly, here are a few things that would help with our day to day management:

  • Add a column that would show at a glance whether the journal is public or not - right now it takes opening the “Edit” settings of each journal to find out
  • Add an option to automatically sort the list alphabetically by title
  • Add a count of hosted journals (I believe it showed the count in OJS 2)
  • Add a one-click option to open the journals’ front-end site rather than going through the back-end settings

Thank you for considering!


ping @NateWr, I think you were working on admin tools and porting those to vue.

Thanks @MariyaM. We’re not working on that component right at the moment, but we will replace it eventually so I’ve filed your suggestions with an issue:

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Thank you @NateWr, much appreciated!