Suggested reviewers plugin for OJS3.3.0.11?


After waiting for a reply to my post on 8/31(under Community Showcase), I thought I thought I’d post it here as well. We are at, but I do not see a “Suggested reviewers plugin for OJS3” or similar. I appreciate adventurous developers for using other methods (discussed in that group), but I am sticking to using those that were integrated in the OJS architecture and can be installed from the gallery. Is there any progress on adding this very valuable plugin to OJS?

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Hi @asabhar,

It’s up to third-party developers to submit their plugins to the plugin gallery to be included in OJS, so @UP_PFord, would have to follow the steps to have it included:

  • it will be up to him to speak to whether he has plans for doing this.

Seeing as how this is being discussed in the other post, we will close this post so as to avoid duplication (as per our forum guidelines) and you can carry on the conversation on the original post.

PKP Team