Suggest an update for journal_settings when upgrading from OJS2 to OJS3


I noticed that in OJS3, the “About the journal” page displays the contents of the “About the Journal” section of the “Masthead” tab in the “Settings > Journal” menu of the manager.
This information is stored in the “journal_settings” table in the “setting_name = ‘about’” field.
And this information doesn’t exist under OJS2.
At the University of Bordeaux, our journals use for the same purpose in OJS2 the content of the “Journal history” section in the manager’s setup 1 which is found in the menu “/about/history” and which no longer exists under OJS3.
In order not to lose this information and because we consider that this information is similar, we made the following automatic update in the database:
UPDATE journal_settings set setting_name = ‘about’ where setting_name = ‘history’;
Do you consider that could be included in the “update” script to upgrade OJS2 to OJS3 or do you consider that it’s up to each journal to decide whether it considers this information is the same. And in this case, it’s up to each journal to make a manually update ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.
Best regards.

Hi @hcl,

I’ve responded to your post here. Please don’t double-post; it clutters the forum.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team