Successful Upgrade to OJS Version however page appears blank

I just yesterday upgraded my OJS software online from version 3 to . I am still running on PHP 5.6.30. After the successful prompt as usual I turned the setting in config,inc back On and the website at was perfect. However I was notified and confirmed today that the OJS site now appears blank. I have checked the site files and everything is in order in my opinion. Wonder what is wrong? I have tried re-updating but everything is still the same. Kindly help me urgently, need to publish some journal articles tomorrow. Thanks


Hi @revsanda

have you checked your php and server error log? Most likely these files may show you some useful message regarded to this blank screen.

For now, you could also checked if dir_files, cache and public folders are set with correct permissions.

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks a million. I saw this error log
“[03-Feb-2018 01:53:36 Africa/Lagos] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method AddThisPlugin::_registerTemplateResource() in /home/ijavsorg/public_html/ijavs/plugins/generic/addThis/ on line 31”
and I just recalled that the last thing I did was the installation of the addThis plugin. I deleted the folder in the generic plugin folder and presto! Everything loads perfectly now. Guess the addThis plug-in is not compatible with version or something else was the cause. Either ways, I am so happy to have gotten this resolved.
Thanks for your on-time invaluable support.

Hi @revsanda,

You’re using the version from the master branch, which isn’t currently compatible with your version of OJS. Use the version available in the Plugin Gallery – you can also download this from the plugin repo’s “Releases” page.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Ok. My bad. Thanks. Will try that out later. Thanks