Subscription to the journal

Hi every one.
I am working on this journal that require suscription. But the challenge is that in our country paypal does not provide business account only personal account. I want to use the subscription SSO Plugin to delegate subcription to another system where users will use master card or visa card to make payment. But i have no clue how can this be done after i have received the API keys from bank that i am using. Any one available to help me with this.

Hi @Alumbwage,

The subscription SSO plugin essentially needs to be able to ask another system in a simple request, “is this user subscribed to my journal?” An e-commerce service likely won’t be able to respond to that question directly – you’ll probably need to have an intermediary script or tool that has a list of subscribers and can respond to OJS’s inquiry.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team