Subscription option in ojs 3.0.2 plus


A couple of questions:

Subscription: We are upgrading to OJS 3.0.2. I see that this version has the subscription module enabled. If say, our Library was to purchase a subscription to one of our journals that runs on a subscription model, is it possible to enable access via IP range?

Simultaneous editing of a doc: is is possible as in Google Docs for editors to edit a doc simultaneously and have those changes be saved at the same time?

RSS Feed: is it possible to embed an RSS Feed into this version so that readers could subscribe to it and be kept upto-date?

Hi @Rosarie_Coughlan,

Subscriptions: OJS 3.0.2 does not yet include subscription support. That’ll be released with OJS 3.1.0.

Simultaneous editing of documents: we’re working towards this using an integration between OJS and the Substance Editor, and OSCOSS (another group we’re familiar with) is working towards this using Fidus Writer. Neither of these is at a production level yet.

RSS Feeds: OJS 3.x already has the Web Feed Plugin built in, which generates Atom/RSS feeds of the latest-published content.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team