Subscribe to single issue

Hello to all.
I would like readers of our journal may subscribe a single issue. Is that possible with OJS?

I tried to simulate a purchase of a single issue but it does not work. The single sucbrsciption allow in case case to see all the contents.

How can i resolve this problem?

Thank you.

Hi @Matteo_Gulino,

In OJS 2.4.x you can enable the issue purchase option under Journal Management > Fee Payment Options > Reader Fees. This will allow readers without a subscription to purchase just a single issue of interest.

Readers who have a valid subscription gain access to all issues that require a subscription.


HI @mfelczak is that posible subscribe a single issue or single article using manual payment ?

i tried to simulated a purchase of a single issue or article but it does not work.

Hi @batosai007,

With manual payment enabled, the principal contact should receive an email with the details of the item being paid for.

You will then need to manually mark the item as paid in OJS, e.g. marking an author submission fee as ‘Payment Received’, or in the case of subscriptions, create/renew a subscription for the user.

Although there’s a manual payment option for issue and article purchase, it’s not currently supported on the back-end so you won’t be able to actually assign issues or articles to users.


Thanks @mfelczak , Nice explanation.
i hope this future can be included to next development of OJS.