Submitted article with problem at Open Journal System (OJS)

Dear Community fellows,

How can I cancel or delete an article submitted to my journal based on OJS?

As an Editor, I already try to reject de article, but it is still on my “avaliation system”.

Someone has any tips?

Many Thanks in advance.

Professor André Cardoso

Dear @Prof_Andre
Can you specify what OJS version you are using?

Dear Vigneshabimanyu.



Hi @Prof_Andre,

On the first ‘tab’ of the submission click on the REJECT AND ARCHIVE SUBMISSION. This will archive the submission, not delete it, but you will not see it anymore.
To completely delete the submission you can delete it afterwards from the archive.

Regards, Primož

Dear Primozs,

See the images I have got from my journal.

Thanks for helping me,

Slide1 Slide2 Slide3 Slide4 Slide5

Hi @Prof_Andre,

Click the first tab:
And then select Reject and archive…

Regards, Primož

I have done this action already, the article is in evaluation process NOT to be designated.

Do you know an alternative? maybe, entering as MANAGER and deleting the submission.