Submissions- reviews are missing after update 3.1.2

Today I am doing update tests of version 3.1.2
When I enter the submission section I get the following error:

When clicking on Ok the only tab that has problems is that of all active, this list is blank

In the previous version if there were active items

I think my problem is the articles that are in review because when I activate the filter only the error appears when I select review

I am having this exact issue after upgrading to 3.2.1. It only affects submissions in the “Review” stage; all other stages are unaffected.

Did you manage to solve it?

Hi @aolney,

Can you check your version number? OJS 3.2.1 has not been released. Also, what version did you upgrade from? Where there any issues during the upgrade process?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Apologies, a transposition. The version number is The upgrade seemed to go smoothly, and I didn’t notice this until later.

We had a problem in the database we had a user which was assigned in the table review_assignments.

@JoannaB Thank you for that clue. Could you please clarify what specifically was wrong in “review_assignments”?

Solved it. Was seeing some messages similar to those described here:

Using the SQL queries described in that post, I found that some user ids had been deleted from the main table but were referenced in other tables (particularly in reviewing).

I created a new user and then copied the id of that user to the rows of the reviewing tables containing deleted user ids. This substituted the new user for the ones that had been deleted. Once I did that, the submissions page loaded properly.

I also made a note on the affected reviewing rounds of what had happened. The real reviewers’ identities were still visible in the email history (invitations to review), so mostly the data loss was just a nuisance once the pages were loading again.