Submissions My Queue is blank


I’ve found a strange behavior with Submissions My Queue List.

It’s displaying empty when I:

  1. Enable debug option in production;

  2. Or install it (copying everything source and database from server) on another host;

PHP 7.4
Mysql > 5

Could you give me any idea for executing some tests ?

I debug application on localhost and got the query that is returning empty:

select `s`.* from `submissions` as `s` 
left join `stage_assignments` as `sa` on `s`.`submission_id` = `sa`.`submission_id` and `sa`.`user_id` in (2) 
left join `review_assignments` as `ra` on `s`.`submission_id` = `ra`.`submission_id` and `ra`.`declined` = 0 and `ra`.`cancelled` = 0 and `ra`.`reviewer_id` in (2) 
`s`.`context_id` = 6
and `s`.`status` in (1)
and (`sa`.`stage_assignment_id` is not null or `ra`.`review_id` is not null) 
group by `s`.`submission_id` order by `s`.`date_submitted` desc

I suspect that could be something relate with context_id.

Thanks for any help.

Best regards,

Hi @E_Junior,

Are there any related errors in PHP log?

Hi @Vitaliy

I checked it again, but there are not errors log.


You should see the error message in the browser.

Is there anything relevant in the web server’s log?

Hi @Vitaliy
Thanks for your attention. I copied entire systems (source and database) to another host, but the problem persist without any error log on Browser or Server.

  1. Does the web server log the request?
  2. Can you inspect the requests, which are failing, and responses to them through the browser developer tools, e.g., in Chrome: Inspect network activity - Chrome Developers. Request that is failing is having status code other than 200