Submissions disappear from author's page after being accepted

Hi again and thanks for your efforts.
Our journal uses OJS 3.0.2 upgraded from 2.4.8. The Server Environment: Linux OS, PHP version 5.6.29, Apache 2.2, database driver mysql, Database server version 5.6.34.
Some of the submissions (but not all) disappear from authors backend page, and the user cannot see his/her submissions. The archive tab also does not exist.
The only common feature of these submissions that they were submitted before the upgrade. After the upgrade, the user can see comments, upload revisions, but can’t see after the production stage is completed (Editor decision was recorded and publication schedule is made). I mean, till the end of production stage, user could see it. Even after disappeared, the user can reach the submission by clicking the messages in the task list.
Safari inspector console shows no error messages, and the php error log during the visit is filled by those warning messages only.
[25-Jul-2017 02:10:39 Europe/Istanbul] PHP Warning: Cannot use a scalar value as an array in /home/ugukoc/ on line 133

I hope, the screenshots may make the situation clear.
Best Regards,
Ugur Kocak

Hi @drugurkocak

Could you maybe also post the example where a published article is displayed/listed on the author’s submission page? – Looking at the code, it seems that MyAuthored grid only contains unpublished submissions and that the published submissions display/listing for authors is not considered at all yet…

Thanks a lot!

Hi @asmecher and @NateWr

It seems that the author’s dashboard/submission page does not contain any grid where the published submissions are listed in OJS 3.0.2. It only contains “My Assigned” and “My Authored”. “My Authored” only considers the unpublished submissions, s. pkp-lib/ at ojs-stable-3_0_2 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub.
@NateWr, does this changes in 3.1? – I haven’t tested it yet :slight_smile:

Any suggestion what to do for 3.0.2? To leave it as it is? To enable the “Archive” tab also for the authors?


Hi @asmecher, @bozana and @NateWr,
As a quick reply, I can say that, this issue is valid for some authors, not all. Some authors have Archives tab, and all previous submissions are listed there.
Since I became father (for the second time) yesterday, I cannot write in detail now :slight_smile:
I will write soon,
Best Regards,
Ugur Kocak

Hi @drugurkocak

Congratulations on becoming father! :slight_smile:

Those authors that have Archives tab have maybe other roles – because Archives tab is only available to these roles:ROLE_ID_SITE_ADMIN, ROLE_ID_MANAGER, ROLE_ID_SUB_EDITOR, ROLE_ID_REVIEWER, ROLE_ID_ASSISTANT. Could it be?


Hi @bozana, @asmecher and @NateWr
That author had author and reader roles. When I assign reviewer role to this author, archives tab come back.(screenshot),
I will check for more authors, later.
Best Regards,

In 3.1 authors will have an archives tab showing published submissions.

Hi, I understand it better now. In my poor opinion, the authors need to see and examine their previous submissions. And it is not a bad idea to separate the reviews from author’s own submissions since it becomes messy and difficult to distinguish them when the list becomes longer.
Ugur Kocak