Submissions disabled but suggested in the Submission page

In the Classical theme, it would be better if - when disabled the submission for the journal - would not appear the “Make a new submission” panel in the default Submission page. It is a bit confusing.

Schermata da 2022-04-07 17-54-13

Hello @Lara_M,

Thanks for your feedback - do you know what version of the theme you’re running? If not, could you send me a link to your OJS site, and I could try to gauge it from there.


PKP Team

Thank you for your feedback. The theme version is I have installed it via the plugin dashboard from the admin website dashboard.
The OJS site is still in developed mode, so there is a password to enter.

EDIT: I have another request. I noticed there are some elements not translated in the italian version. I don’t know if this is a theme issue or of the whole OJS installation. I could help translating those, how can I help?
I.e. “categories” here
Schermata da 2022-04-08 09-47-44

Hello @Lara_M,

Thank you for the additional info. I wanted to test this out, so it was necessary to know your version number for your theme. I should note, however, I don’t think this is a function of the theme, but rather OJS itself. There was some recent work done in version 3.3 to disable submissions and specify it on the Submission page (I wasn’t clear what version of OJS you were running - if you could indicate that in your posts in the future, that would be appreciated). There is a setting within the dashboard to disable submissions:

Screen Shot 2022-04-08 at 7.30.30 AM

Which then makes the submissions page display this message:

Screen Shot 2022-04-08 at 7.33.39 AM

If you want to remove the Submissions option from the website, you can use the settings in the navigation options, and remove it from the menu (Website - Setup - Navigation)

Screen Shot 2022-04-08 at 7.35.09 AM

Thanks for noticing that bit about the missing Italian translation and for offering to help. I’d encourage you to check out our translation guide to get a sense of how translations are done and contributed: Translating Guide for OJS, OMP, OPS, and PKP Software Documentation

If you run into issues, you create a post here on the forum under the “Translations” category, and someone in our community will try to assist.

PKP Team

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