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Good evening,

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve last updated OJS to the new version (3.02) and it happens that I’m currently receiving an email with an empty value on $submissionLayoutUrl. Previously, it used to work, how should I proceed to evaluate what’s wrong or where to fix?
The email I’ve received contains the following text:

User test:

The submission “Some article” to Some Journal now needs galleys laid out by following these steps.

  1. Click on the Submission URL below.
  2. Log into the journal and use the Layout Version file to create the galleys according to the journal’s standards.
  3. Send the COMPLETE email to the editor.

Some Journal URL: Link (this link works)
Submission URL: {$submissionLayoutUrl} (this value shows as it is, {$submissionLayoutUrl})
Username: usertest

Hi @PedroAbrunhosa

When you update OJS is necessary clear cache folder template system.
This template caching keeps some parameters value aiming to optimise system performance.

Could you confirm your cache folder has been purged from OJS admin panel?

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @israel.cefrin,

I didn’t cleared the cache folder. I’ve just cleaned the cache folder from the admin panel and tried to re-submit the same operations as before, the {$submissionLayoutUrl} maintains


Hi @PedroAbrunhosa

have you checked if your server error log show some message about this issue?

Template tags are based on variables but some emails templates and profiles have very specific ones.
Had this user changed role?
This email, as described, is sent by a Section Editor to a submission’s Copyeditor. Are those roles corrects? It would be my first thought.

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hey @israel.cefrin,

Nothing showing up on the log’s and yea, the roles are correct. I’ve tried all the different roles and different templates to see if it was something comum but it only happens on this template. Any ideas where I can ‘configure or edit’ the $submissionLayoutUrl?

Hi @PedroAbrunhosa

$submissionLayoutUrl is a variable that is dynamically filled depending on context (submission => From section Editor to a submission’s Copyeditor).

You can see code here (is pretty simple), but it is akward it is not working:

Just double check that sender is a section Editor and receipt user has Copyeditor role.

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks a lot nice information…keep it sharing…

Hi @israel.cefrin, I haven’t been able to update you yet as I’ve been having a ruff week, I’ll update this thread with more information as soon as get my hands on it again.


I have the same problem with OJS 3.1.
I am testing the editorial workflow and assigned all roles to the same user (author = reviewer = section editor = layout editor). The mail to the layout editor contains $submissionLayoutUrl instead of the resolved URL.

We also have the same problem using OJS The {$submissionLayoutUrl} does not resolve (see screenshot. submissionLayoutUrl

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