Submission list not showing up (Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'authorsStringShort'))

Hi, i’m new to OJS and recently upgraded v3.1.0.1 to v3.3.0.13 (successfully, no errors on log).

Then, i noticed that submissions tab was not working properly. At first, a pop-up was shown telling that was something wrong. It was caused by a inconsistency on the database. I followed a guide and managed to correct and the pop-up dissapeared. But now, there is something wrong with the build.js JS. None of other filters works as well.

Also, there’s no error on server’s log at all
Screenshot from 2022-11-11 08-40-14

Just discovered that only occurs with old (migrated) submissions, new ones shows normally

Also, for some reason, my “publications” table is empty, don’t know if this have anything to do with it.