Submenus won't expand in mobile version

Hi everyone,

we are currently running OJS 3.2.1-1 and are very happy that there is now a responsive top navigation bar in the default theme. However, we have the problem that it is not possible to expand the submenus if the mobile version of our website is displayed.

So for instance, on our website, you can click on “Current Issue” in the mobile version of the navigation bar (a menu item without submenus), but you cannot expand the menu item “About Us” into its various submenus.

Here’s our website:

We are grateful for any help, thanks in advance!


Hi there,

as far as I can see (we’re still testing the new OJS version) the submenus are usually open in the mobile view (OJS3 Testdrive Journal). But there are some settings in your stylesheet (mostly in line 442 with “position:absolute” and “left: -9999px;”) which positions the submenus elsewhere.

I would recommend to change the stylesheet for the mobile view.

Ich hoffe, ich konnte weiter helfen :slight_smile:

Viele Grüße


Great, this was exactly the problem!

Thank you so much, best regards and viele Grüße,


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