Submenu links in Native Child Theme not working with mobile phone in Ojs 3

Hi @NateWr

We are using your child theme (
Unfortunaltey submenu links like “Editorial Team” are just working on PC but when we open the page ( from mobile phone submenu links do not work. Please tell us what we can do to fix it. Do you can help? Thank you in advance.


Hi @marko111,

At first I was unable to reproduce the issue on your site, but then I noticed that it only happens if the tap lands on the small dropdown caret beside the “About” text. If you tap on the “About” text, it should open the submenu properly.

I’ve noted this in an issue and assigned it to be fixed in OJS 3.1. You can follow the status here:

Dear @NateWr

Thank you for your answer. I think I have not expressed myself clearly enough, sorry for that. When I open my journal page on iphone (iOS 10.3.1) using the Safari Browser it will open the sub-menu under “About” but clicking on one of the sub-menu pages will not open, so for example clicking on “Editorial Team” nothing happens using iOS but on PC yes it es working. Do you have an idea what I can do?

Now I figured out that all is working fine using a Samsung mobile phone with Android 6.0 but I can`t open the page “Editorial Team” from sub-menu in “About”