Stylesheet problem

hi, i have problem with my web. it began when i fooly turn the mainbar heigt. so it cant scroll to the bottom, and i cant se the “setup look” side in specially for upload the css. as i know to change my fault, i must change the css. but how i can do it, without the upload css panel ?
is there another way to fix it ? please give me some solution.

do you have ftp access?
if you know what you changed, edit your css files using ftp connection.
if not, replace the files in styles folder with the original OJS files and it will turn back to default schema

Thank you for your suggestion
But how i can change the css with the ftp.
Tell me the spesific please…because i’m still new be…

If you are not fully aware of ftp connection and file replacement, I suggest you do not test it on an active website.
anyhow, In detail,
login to your website using a software like WinSCP with your ftp username and password.
go to /styles folder, delete all files. copy or drag files inside the same folder (/files) from an original OJS package.
refresh your website using Ctrl+F5

You could eventually use a plugin/tool in your browser, e.g. firebug for firefox – to temporarily change css there in order to see the necessary css upload place…