Style and formatting display error

Hello everyone, I have a rather strange problem with my OJS site. From yesterday to today I have been informed that there are errors in the display of the website. In particular, the style and formatting are not displayed. It is a rather strange problem because I have not modified any files related to templates, styles, etc… The problem varies from browser and device. For the tests I could do I noticed that: the public part of the site is displayed correctly on my iPhone with Safari and on my Mac with Chrome. While it has the problem on Safari on iPad and other browsers like the one in Facebook app. The administration dashboard has this problem on Safari on iPhone, iPad and Mac. And so on… would anyone know how to help me? I’d like to point out that until yesterday, the website had no problems and I didn’t make any changes to its content or style. The template I use is Manuscript and has not been customized in any way. Thanks to those who want to help me.

Update: I cleaned the browser cache and on my phone too the style is not displayed.

@asmecher the problem still persists. Any help please? Thank you.

Hi @pfnc

What OJS version you are using?
Can you describe the problem in more details, e.g., errors that you see in the browser’s console, pages that are affected? Does the problem occur with latest Chrome and Firefox browsers? If they work normally it can be that some browsers do not support part of OJS functionality.

The part of problems appear on the backend, thus is not related to the theme, but I haven’t heard much before about issues related to cross-browser compatibility.