Strange characters in names of log files


I am downloading data folder of mu JOS 3.0 installation. I noticed that some scheduled tasks log files do have strange characters in thir names ( see image that I attached) . only those files could not be downloade since I guess their names confuse ftp transfer.
Are those files substantial having in mind that I do not use services they are attached to (medra and crossref and datacite)?


The scheduled task log filenames are being written based on localized (translated) strings. This probably indicates that your underlying server does not support UTF8 filenames (or that something is wrong in constructing the UTF8 filename in OJS).

I wonder if the log file names shouldn’t be simply written as English strings instead of us trying to mix the English plugin name with the translated operation name as the log file name.

Yes, it seems to me that it is localized and writen in cyrillic.I suppose that you would keep the english strings so we are sure that servers support that encoding.