Still necessary to add Google Analytics code to header or footer templates?

Hi, all – We’ve recently added two new journals and set them up with OJS 2.4.8. It looks like a difference between 2.4.8 and 2.4.4, which our older journals were set up on, is that the Google Analytics plugin includes a third option for Universal Analytics as the type of tracking code. I notice that once I enter the account number in the plugin and choose that UA option, the Google Analytics site immediately indicates that there is 1 active user (me). I’m wondering if this is all I need to do in OJS 2.4.8 to fully activate Google Analytics, or if I still need to enter the tracking code in templates/common/header.tpl and templates/article/article.tpl as I did in OJS 2.4.4.


(PS - our plan is to upgrade all journals to 3.0 over the summer)

The Google Analytics plugin should handle the code addition for you. There is no need to manually modify the templates.

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How to track per journal basis not for the whole installation?

You can configure the Google Analytics plugin per-journal.

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The Google Analytics seems to be added outside the tag using the Google Analytics plugin