Status of PKP PLN packages


We have many problem with PKP PLN plugin, but now we got status Transferred. Packaging produces very fast, and we suspect about that.
Could you send status of our packages in PLN? Our ID 7B26D346-75BA-41DB-A186-89FD45C8F56F

Best regards,
S.Morenov, Samara University

Hello @smorenov.

Please don’t post duplicate questions in other threads.

Our systems received your deposit information at 2017-09-05 02:50:32. The system hasn’t downloaded the deposits yet - it only does that once every 24 hours.

The JBPE volume 1, number 1 deposit is about 28 Mb. I was able to download it just fine to my laptop. The packaging process runs as a background task to reduce load on your systems. That’s why it seems fast.

Hello, @mjoyce
Thank you very match for answer, sorry for dublicate (I was worried that my previous message was skipped).