Stats search function by user_id in Dashboard screen(OJS/OPS)

Dear all,

There is a search window on the statistics screen of the dashboard, and it seems that the API function is used for searching.

Currently, you can search only by title, author name, and preprint_id, but I would like to add “author ID(user_id)” to the search key. Please tell me how to fix the API.

I am using with OPS


Hi @Minoru_Tanabe,

The author record does not have a user ID, so it won’t be possible to search by the registered user ID of a submitting author in that way. Is this request related to your other forum post about creating a page for the author to view their own stats? If so, that’s probably a better way to go about this feature.

Hi @NateWr ,

Thank you for your comment. It will be very helpful for me.

It was possible to search by the author name (GivenName or FamilyName) of the current user, but this cannot be used unfortunately because preprint data other than the current user will also be hit in the search results.
I would like to consider another method, including creating a statistical plugin for the author.

That’s great. Let’s keep the discussion of this feature in the thread at How to display statistics of author's articles(preprints) in the author's dashboard. I’ll close this one but feel free to ask questions over there as you work through this.

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