Statistics on OJS 3 - Suggestion

Dear Colleagues,

Is there any project for journal statistics plugin or module?

Below I list some numbers we frequently need to assess our journal. It would be very helpful if we find them in one place.

  • submission, acceptance, rejection dates and time between dates (in days) of each phase from submission to publication;
  • the time between submission and the start of a review; from review until acceptance/rejection;
  • number of submissions of a period (time range defined by the user);
  • number of submissions rejected directly (manuscripts that did not go to a reviewer, was directly rejected by an editor);
  • the total time (in days) between the submission and the acceptance/rejection;
  • Affiliations: the number of authors that have affiliations abroad and in the journal country; the number of authors by country; and the number of authors by Institution.

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Hello @vivianeneves,

Have you taken an look at the * PKP Administrator’s Guide- Statistic?

Our developers are currently working in improving internal submission data reporting, however, this feature is currently not available.

For the time being, a query can be done if you have access to phpMyAdmin or some other way of accessing your database.

Kind Regards,
Patricia M.
Public Knowledge Project Intern