Statistics handling before version 2.4

I am working with a version 2.4 install of OJS. In the upgrade from 2.3.6, statistics were not moved over. In version 2.4 these are done in log files, tracked in a database. Could someone please tell me how statistics were stored in prior versions of OJS? I realize it was through (1) Timed Views plugin, (2) Counter plugin, and (3) OJS views plugin - but what directory would log files be stored in for each?

Apologies that this is vague. I’m new to OJS, trying to have someone else pull a backup, and have an install where executable files are stored in different top level directory from uploaded documents and logs. To get the backup pulled, I need to have a very clear picture of where to go, because backups from the date range I need will age out in the next week, so I need to be able to check if I have what I need quickly.

Have you already reviewed this FAQ?

Prior to 2.4.3, I think you would be looking different database tables/columns for each of the plugins: timed_views_log, counter_monthly_log, and the views columns in article_galleys and published_articles and issue_galleys.

Each of these former tables/columns should have been migrated to the new metrics database table.

Yes, I’d looked at forum posts on statistics problems (and I also have the completely different and all too common problem of log files getting stuck in /stage/ in my current install of 2.4.3).

Thank you for the table names for the older version. Those helped me quickly verify what was available from a pre-upgrade backup.