Statistics - COUNTER vs Google Analytics


One of our journal editors was asking how the COUNTER compliant OJS reports compare with Google Analytics. Apparently, the OJS article abstracts views were 3 times higher than what Google Analytics reported for the same time period.


google analytics can be blocked by browser’s plugin.
COUNTER is more real.
piwik/matomo is your friend.

Hi Juanito

Could you elaborate on your statement that “Google Analytics can be blocked by browser’s plugin”. What plugin or genre of user browser plugins are you referring to?

I’ve done a by-article comparison of OJS article views with GA total page views and GA unique page views. The OJS article view counts are consistently higher. I’d like to understand what “more real” is in terms of what OJS COUNTER data is “counting” versus Google Analytics? In other words, I’d like to understand what makes COUNTER data trustworthy versus what makes Google Analytics untrustworthy.