Static pages are missing after upgrade from 3.0.1-0 to 3.1.1-2

Hi everyone!

All static pages are missing after the upgrade, i’ve looked at de DB and it it empty! I have the backup here with the old data. Can I copy and paste on the production, or I’ve to do something with the data first before upgrade?

I didn’t get any erros or warning messagens on the database upgrade.

Thanks in advanced!
Rafael Mansilha.

One other thing, although they are empty in the database, the pages appear in the magazine, but only with the English language, but they do not appear to be edited in the administrative part.

Hi @rafaelmansilha,

The static pages content is being migrated over into the navigation menu toolset, which is also in Setup, and eventually we’ll remove the static pages plugin entirely.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks for the fast feedback! @asmecher, I’ll tell the editor about that!

Rafael Mansilha.