Static Page Problem

Hi All,

I have a problem. I have just used OJS version (latest update).

When I create a static page, it doesn’t appear on the website? Is this a bug? How to solve it?


Hi @Hengkov and welcome to the forum!
Just to make sure I understand correctly what is happening here:

  • You created a static page with the according plugin
  • You went to your journal’s page and expected a link somewhere on the landing page or in the menus that lead to that page

As far as I understand how the plugin works there is no automatically generated menu item.

Or did you mean to say that following the link provided by the plugin leads to a 404 page?

Edit: Documentation has hints on how to add pages to the navigation menu:
Website-Settings: Static Pages or more accurately Website-Settings: Navigation


Thanks for your answer.

I’ll explain in more detail.

I want to make Static Pages on a journal page. I wish the Static Pages were on the left or right, not at the top.

Therefore, I use two plugins, Static Pages and Custom Block Manager.

After I created a Static Pages page using both plugins, and linked a link to call it, it didn’t appear. Usually it appears.

But, if you use Navigation, it can only be shown at the top, right?

So, what is the proper way to create Static Pages on the right or left side?

Best Regards

I really hope somebody else has experience with the Custom Block Manager. You are right, my explanation is regarding the top menu, not left or right. I’m rather doing adminish stuff for OJS and was mostly trying to clarify your question for others.