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When you start a discussion about a submission, as an author, editor and so on, in OJS you can chose who should participate. You can even chose to include a reviewer who has declined to review. The reviewer who has declined is not interested in the submission and it is kind of enjoying to get mail about a submission you not going to review. If the review process is open it is a problem that reviewer still are in visible for the author and other reviewer. Is it possible to remove the reviewer that has declined to review from the list of possible people to include in the discussion?

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Viveka Svensson

Hi Viveka,

That makes sense to me. Are you talking about a journal using open review, where the author and reviewer can both see each other’s name? I presume this does not apply in an anonymous review setting.

Yes it is about a journal with open review. It is not possible for the author to start a discussion with the reviewer if the review process is anonymous. The author can then only discuss with to editors in that case.

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Viveka Svensson

Thanks @bsvvi, I’ve filed an issue to fix this and you can follow progress here: Discussion participants include declined open reviewers · Issue #7277 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

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Hi @bsvvi, a fix for this was merged and will be released with the next maintenance release (3.3.0-9).

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