Specify sender and Recipient for editor assign

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How do I specify the sender and recipient for the Editor Assign in the Prepared Email Templates?

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Could you please confirm which version of OJS you’re using? For help with this please see How do I determine my PKP software's version? - #3

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i’m using version

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any solution?

Hi @V_Karimi,

The sender and recipient for the Editorial Assignment will be automatically be generated based on who the assigned editor is and whoever is assigning the manuscripts.

For example, if the Journal Manager is the one assigning the manuscripts to a Section Editor. The Journal Manager will be the sender and Section Editor is the recipient.

The email template variables in the prepared email template will pull the Journal Manager and Section Editor information when the email is sent.

Are you looking to otherwise change this process?

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Thanks for your reply
The point is that emails are not sent to authors in any changes to the status of the article. For example, when assigned to an editor.