Special customization/restriction of submission page

It’s been a while since I worked on OJS and many things have improved (thanks for that) others changed.
I’m currently wondering if a certain restriction is possible within submission-process as follows:
We use OJS to collect yearly reports of our user groups, which works very well I think. But there is one flaw in our use case - the title of the submission in the Metadata-Panel can be freely chosen. This gives us hard times some times if the got a title that we can’t easily associate with the corresponding group (some users are part of severeal groups/projects).
I saw [OJS3.1] Wanting to customize the Submissions page and know where to start to look for changing things. But my question goes beyond adding buttons or similar. I’d like to use ldap or openid to collect the groups of the logged in user and set the title automatically or populate a drop-down list for the title field in case of multiple associations. This way the users couldn’t mess around with the titles, which should be just their project/group-names.
Any ideas/directions welcome if and how this could be achieved.

Hi @henkel,

Hmm, that’s a pretty particular use case –

First off, I don’t think LDAP is going to meet your needs, as it’s not a single-sign-on tool – at best, it will allow for credentials to be shared, but will still require users to log in twice.

OpenID is a better option, but we don’t yet have support in OJS for it. If it proves to be a good direction to take this and you have some time to contribute, I’d be interested in collaborating on it OpenID support in general.

As for forcing titles based on some external system, that’s something you would probably best accomplish with a custom plugin. You could use that to preassign the title to the article before the user ever sees it.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team