Sorting Users of a journal by date added

I would like to request inclusion of a sort button by “users date added” in future ojs release. For a journal manager this makes a lot of sense, because sometimes is it necessary to identify newly registered users without knowing their e-mail or name - one such example may be in case of registration of people who are trying to exploit the OJS in an “unacceptable” manner.

Hi @dankomed,

That’s probably not something we’ll add for OJS 2.4.x, but might be suitable for work after OJS 3.0 is released. If you’re having trouble with spam registrations, consider turning on CAPTCHA testing in your configuration file.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Dear Alec,
I have already turned the CAPTCHA on, and it nicely prevents from bot abuse.
My point is I want to be able to track humans, who can register and then start exploiting the OJS system. There is no problem whatsoever for a human to register first himself, and only then to configure a bot to abuse the system.