Sorting Reviewers in OJS 3.4

we use the OJS The section and journal managers encountered a minor inconvenience when assigning reviewers.

Specifically, when assigning a reviewer, the list of available reviewers appears to be unordered and unsorted. This makes it challenging to quickly locate and select the appropriate reviewer, especially when dealing with a large pool of potential reviewers.

Does OJS feature such an option? At least to sort the reviewer list by Alphabetic order? I did not find it…

Thank you!

Hi @Garant,

Presently, it doesn’t look like there is much in the way of sorting when selecting reviewers. The only thing that comes close is the filters - but that’s not quite the same.

This might make a suitable Feature request (if you post under the feature requests category and follow the template).

PKP Team

Thank you,
indeed, filters don’t work in the way we would like to…
I will post a feature request.

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