Sort reviewers by number of review requests?

Our OJS reviewer list has grown over the last two years and we now want to delete some reviewers who always declined or never even answered our requests. To do this, I would like to sort / filter for number of review requests these reviewers have received at first and then by number of reviews they have supplied. I wouldn’t want to delete a reviewer that has only declined a single request so just choosing all reviewers with 0 reviews is not an option. How can I get a list with names and number of requests? I do not want to log in as every single reviewer to check their history.
We use OJS 2.4.5.

For the future, we will start using the reviewer rating system to sort out unresponsive reviewers.

Hi @heike_riegler,

Have you tried to use the review report, under stats and reports page? This will give you a list of all reviews and their state, so you can maybe sort by reviewer name and see the ones you want to delete or not. You would have to do that manually (getting the names you want to delete and doing that using the system interface).


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Hi Bruno,

thanks a lot! I totally forgot about this kind of report. The exported table contained everything I needed to select reviewers, which are going to be deleted.

Hi all,

I’m testing the OJS 3.1 version. I would also like to be able to sort the reviewers, but not to delete them, but when assigning them to a paper (Add reviewer, as an editor). The 2.4.8 version had clickable column headers in the reviewers table, while the 3.1 version offers better options for selection of reviewers by defining number ranges for number of reviews and days, but finally I would also like to sort them by reviews done or date of latest review.