Sorry, you do not have administrative rights over this user

I have enrolled journal manager. When they try to login with any user there was an error.
Sorry, you do not have administrative rights over this user. How can I give permission to managing editro. Please advise as necessary. Thank you

Hi @SciPlaatform,

You’re proabably getting this message because that user is active in another journal that you do not manage. You’ll likely need to perform this task with a Site Administrator.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

How can i provide the access to my journal manager to login as in other user. Please advise as necessary. Some time author send manuscript through email address. I want to give the authority to journal manager he or she can be login in user.

As @asmecher notes, this permissions restriction is intentional.

Consider one Site with:

Journal A:

  • Manager: Alfred
  • Authors: Andrew, Alice, Bob

Journal B:

  • Manager: Bill
  • Authors: Beth, Brian, Bob

Alfred should not be able to login to the site as Bob(*), because Bob with working in both Journal A and Journal B, but Alfred is working only in Journal A.

If Alfred was also a manager of Journal B, he could login as Bob (and I think OJS will support that).

Alternately, the Site Admin has permissions over everyone.

(*) An enhancement could allow Alfred to login with only Bob’s permissions in contexts which Alfred also shares, but this functionality does not currently exist.