Something went wrong when file added - now still Loading

OJS in version OJS has been in operation for about 2 years. There are some hundred articles there and the problem first appeared. When adding a pdf file in Production, something went wrong, because now you go to the Production tab you can see Loading all the time (as on the screenshot).

It is not the fault of the computer or the browser - it has been tested on many different and there is always a message about loading. Clearing Cache OJS does not help. How can this be somehow fixed / reset?


It sounds like this bug: [OJS] Uploading supplementary file revisions fails in some circumstances · Issue #3619 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub
It is fixed in the latest version.

So in i found only lines:

; The minimum percentage similarity between filenames that should be considered
; a possible revision
filename_revision_match = 70

Changing this value didn’t do anything.

Also I found those pdf files in filesystem in “/files/journals/1/articles/473/submission/proof”. Deleted them and clearing cache OJS also do nothing.

Still “Loading”… So what next?

As I mentioned that is a bug in 3.0.2 if that sounds like the same situation you have.

You can of course check your error_log and see if there is something related to the problem there.

If it is the same bug, probably the best way to solve that is to delete the galley file from the database and I would recommend upgrading to the latest version.

Changing the filename_revision_match value is just a workaround to ensure that the problem does not happen with again, it will not fix a problem that already exists.